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The Oxygen’s Declaration – The first launch: June 19, 2005

It necessitates the ability to dream, build aspirations and to comply with the flesh, the childhood and the innocence up to large doses of freewill, and inclination to spaces that accommodate our dreams, aspirations, senses and desires.

Not an escape, but temporary seeking of refuge in this virtual reality, we assume from its default land -in hope or distress- that together, we will give it its reality, effect and sound; not matter how dissonant, consistent, confusing, faltering, screaming, whispering or boisterous it could be. It sets a basis and goes up, and comes back from where it was destroyed with foundations of a new tendency whose way towards the freedom, and the freedom of creativity as well as the creativity and the creativity of freedom, is irreversible.

It is a margin after the text has crushed all margins, and expanded, enlarged and gone so far to an extent that it has not left one Oxygen atom for someone intending to breathe freely.

We are not related to anyone. Our loyalty is only to life, liberty and creativity, and in funding, we depend on ourselves only. Again, it is a virtual land that we plant together and wait.



The Oxygen’s Declaration – The second launch: May 1, 2013.

Each experimentation is a beginning, and each beginning is an experiment, and, between them, Oxygen has been and still is a monologue for beginnings, and an open page for the exercise of the freedoms of life and writing.

Oxygen continues with stronger and deeper breaths, and becomes more insistent and biased for change. It is a change that is rooted and confronted by legions of darkness that came out of a bottle with the first glow of light. In the absence of alternatives ingrained in our collective consciousness, it has to stand in the face of the old thoughts that are always able to create a misleading mirage and dominion.

Creativity is our only crossing and our salvation is by the victory of its values. Oxygen is nothing but a laboratory for new aesthetic proposals and a space for creativity in our firm belief that each beginning will not be a beginning unless you put an end to something that is existing. Oxygen is always the beginning.