By writing for Oxygen, you are joining the chorus of writers who have contributed to this experience since its launch on June 19, 2005. Your contribution should harmonize with the aspirations of our creative space. Oxygen believes in the ever new, steadfastly aligning with all that is outside the ready recipes, the canned ideas, and the illusions, which build castles in the air.

The establishment and the authenticity are aspirations, and between them, the experimentation is left to bring life, whatever it is, in the way in which the creative act dictates, illuminating our Arab reality in its darkness and lightness. No matter how high the fantasy is, or how probable the abstraction is, the dream must be the purest and of the highest quality.

Oxygen welcomes literary writing, translations, videos, photos, and artworks. We welcome your submission to Oxygen with these guidelines:

  • The contribution must be exclusive to Oxygen.
  • Oxygen is committed to respond on approvals within seven days from the date of sending the contribution. A no reply means rejection. Your published views are owned, and thus considered, the views of Oxygen.
  • Oxygen welcomes visual contributions, whether visual text, video art, or short films. Submissions will be accepted via e-mail.
  • Artwork, be it photographs, paintings, graphics, or sketches, is welcomed in Oxygen. Submissions should include 12 or more pieces, thematically related, which will publish in a single issue of Oxygen.

Please send your contributions to the following address:

Founder & Editor in Chief
Ziad Abdullah


Editorial Director
Sawsan Salameh