Wings of Plastic Goose | Khaled bin Saleh

Issue 1 | 1 Oct 2018

The constant rain of previous two nights

Sent wet our wings we bought from junkie shops

It was a day you were swept by the charm of illuminating Eiffel Tower

With its blue lights blowing away your robes leaving you asunder

It is when I decided to buy you wings of plastic goose with short feathers.


Between the walls of a café, we discovered that we both craved for flying

The curving smoke helped us weave some beautiful memories:

Abbas Ibn Firnas rides the metro reading Le Figaro

We paid our attention after more than smoking a cigarette to the news in the newspaper about a car bomb blast in central Baghdad;

 A Parisian girl falls in love with Abu Nawas, teaching him classical dance and Kama Sutra


He was taming her tigress desire by his whipping poetry that intoxicated her making her small wings and propelled her to sky

In one of cold nights in Paris, the girl flew over River Seine, singing Abu Nawas verses: “..and the bird nestled in its leafy nest”

The sky was bright, when we listened carefully whispers of a Milan Farmer couching on the chest of  Antara Ibn Shadad

What we didn't consider was the poetic betrayal. The song of "Kalimat" is not consistent with blood flying from a sword and body of our black poet. However, verses of Mua'allaqat were enough to quench the fire of racial discrimination.

An old woman with a white poodle rounded by red tie and golden bell, they were the last to leave the coffee shop.

Noise completely faded around us and music stopped only to come again

The sky of gloomy village was raining abroad

The long street like a writhing snake

During our walk, clutched without shining colors / without wings.

In a topsy-turvy room, all the things thrown on the ground including our naked bodies

Oud Taqasim approaches us

And the pitchy barking throws us high upwards.

Algerian Poet