Orchestra | Abdullah Almottaki

Issue 1 | 1 Oct 2018

The chubby woman licked her rather brown lower lips. She splashed an expensive perfume on her earlobe and, at a speed of light, she had disappeared from the room to hug a lanky man, who had also disappeared from his room earlier but left windows ajar to the sun lest the bed and pillow get rotten. The nasty smell on him this morning had however stayed.


The chubby woman is walking at a moderate pace on the left pavement, and imagines the lanky guy as a doll. She was only afraid if some one snatched the doll away from her.


The lanky man is walking along the steps on the right pavement, with calculated measure. He has tried to imagine the chubby woman as an electronic game, but  forgotten her image. No doubt that the man forgets, and his mother as well as his father died in a fit of forgetfulness. The loss of memory is hereditary and genetic.


The man meets the woman by accident, and the woman also meets the man ...


The man was an incomplete sentence...


The woman imposed like a frog ...


The chubby woman was sipping orange juice in Al–Ish café whereas the lanky man was reading a French newspaper. He reads that "Chwartz Kugler" had cut his genital organ centimeter-by-centimeter in front of his audience, until he died. He could not help laughing and his eyes became full of tears for laughter.


He called his girlfriend to read what Chwartz had done with his genital organ. When she finished reading the article and contemplated the accompanying picture, she caught him from his shirt's neckband and screamed in his face with a feat of emotion: ‘You are Chwartz Kugler!’


The chubby woman accuses the lanky man of impersonating Chwartz. He denies that. The evidence was that his organ was right here covering his testicles!


The woman, who accused the man, didn't believe the man. She catches him by his neck to meet her immediately in the bedroom, where she could attest the ‘claim’!


They arrived together into apartment #33. Once in the bedroom, the lanky man  put off his pants, but there was no organ. No penis. No snake over his testicles! The man was perplexed and  stared into the woman's eyes. She was shocked and stared back. Incidentally, both burst into a bout of so much until the dog died.


The chubby woman wanted the lanky man to put off his clothes. While he did that, she helped him to wear a white pajamas, then threw him through a dummy window.


She later said to the recording officer; “We are crazy until the moon sleeps!”


In the same cafe, the lanky man was smoking, and the chubby woman was reading women's magazine.  Her eyesight suddenly comes to the image of a French woman in the suburb of "Ivry", where she performs plastic surgery for her face and body, and its ambition to become finally a summary of all what produced of models of ideal humanitarian of beauty by artists in their paintings through history.


The chubby woman read the news. She pondered the features of the French woman and ... wondered. The man noticed the wonder on her face. She gave him the Gazette. He read the news item and while carefully scanning the face of the French lady and the chunky woman, who sits in front of him, he shouted in excitement and people in café heard that:


“Look carefully, Isn’t this you?”


She frowned her forehead and cried, but the lanky man showed no signs that he was convinced.


He beckons the chubby woman to withdraw, and both head to the bedroom. Therein, he stared at her features carefully. He plated her white dress, and shot her a bullet from an imaginary pistol.


The lanky man was caught red-handed in the bedroom, and he also said to the officer:

“We are crazy until the…………”


The officer did not let him to complete his crazy sentence, since he had learnt the rest by heart:


“…..moon sleeps!”


The man, the officer, and typing machine laughed, and...


The man reads a daily newspaper...

Women reads women's magazine...


The woman and man had a child named (Kholoud). The tones of her voice are dreamy and gentle. She was slides on cafe garden, and recognises, in the depths of herself, that her chubby mother had committed a great sin when she got married her lanky father.


The child rides sometimes a horsepower in the same garden, and recognises in the depths of herself,  that her lanky father had committed a great sin by marrying her chubby mother. For this reason, she was sometimes disporting herself by strangling birds with her hands.

Moroccan Writer