Gogol's Coat and Syrian Fascism | Ziad Abdullah

Issue 1 | 1 Oct 2018

Darwin and Dracula:

The minorities had some relief in their fear owing to the restoration of brightness of “The Origin of Species.” The majority has proliferated and it has been approved by more than one party on the "Ecstasy and Ascent".

Syrian Darwin has distributed some scientific publications for "Deviation of Adjectives and Extinction". The plan was set to raise the level of adrenaline, causing unprecedented sectarian tendencies that only pave ways to accumulation of corpses, banding Syrian children onto open vehicles, and promote feelings of extinction that associate with pogrom: murder intra-killing has become our salvation, a majesty for the eyes of Syrian Vampires and Draculas wearing an overcoat.


The Overcoat:

He hanged the conspiracy behind the door. The lower hem turned upside down causing him to bow and return it as a cap, and searched its pockets. He had a blind trust that it is a coat, and that the cold deserves a worn and wretched coat. Then he started shouting to mend us: Oh, you rabble! Your teeth do nothing but chattering. Your teeth are fangs, I show them to you whenever I want. It is fangs that rip off the coat, a coat in the size of a homeland.  To you the cold …and warmth is owned by my right-wing.

He called on Samoud (steadfastness) and shouted to Tasadi (confrontation) to revive the coat’s glamour and luster. He placed the “rock over which all conspiracies may shatter upon it” on the chests of children; Samoud gave a banquet for Tasadi, they munched on in total silence.

The ballot box was also used as a table covered by ballot papers. A heavy but tiny slot meant for a “No” was instead marked "Yes" on one of the papers. That seemed a new miracle, one of thousands of other miracles. The secret room was transformed into a kitchen on the ground.

First to arrive was a female employee who left wool ball to be rolled till she arrived to the polling stations, and began to ululate chanting: “This is celebration for democracy.”

In the frenzy of ululation, she was about to forget voting had it not been Samoud to remind her, drawing her attention the electoral principles of 25 parties within one party, that could tilt the balance of 3 in 1 which practically amended Article 8 and  no longer a spot in this country remained.

At the junction, Samoud heard with his own ears someone saying: "The fabric is completely worn out. It decomposes whenever the needle touches it". He caught him up, but who uttered that was evaporated as if he was a passing demonstration. The sentence lingered in Tasadi's head  as a ringing bell. He began dividing the coat into squares and developed a plan to eliminate every poor Akaky Akakievich and fear began dissipating out of him just like the expiring coat.



Fascism keeps an eagle eye on the outside. Syrian fascism is ever awaiting for the barbarians.

Whether you’re a fascist or not, and, it is fitting to borrow a line from some famous Syrian actor: “If we wanted to know what happens in Italy, let us also know what happens in Brazil.”

Live long the perforated democracy, and be blessed our small Bourgeoisie. O the glittering Shabiha, dyed in the wool of young earners.

Whether you’re a fascist or not heed this advice: “Be a fascist even in your uprising against us!”



 They are only collectors of "likes"

 You click "Like" and die

 They collected "likes" and run off

Capitals are wide open

And Syrian blood is "Ketchup" of their arid isolation

The murderers installed a shield covering the whole homeland

But the injury could still be realised:


On the other side

They clicked "Like" on each head injury.


The New Overcoat:

How we yearned to being naked! We were craving not to be covered by the father’s coat or by a son’s wrapped scarf. To choose freely what we put on is a thing whose flavour we have never tasted.

They fabricated a new coat, but its fabric is not strong enough to differentiate a black thread from the white one. It is a coat the size of guile. It is a coat of the sole and legitimate representative. It's a coat that can't leave paradox of screens taking turns to wearing it, and continuing séances, irrespective of fresh death and blood flooding from pockets.

It was fabricated emulating the wretched coat in required badness, a red good for blood trading.

They wore coat and said: ‘Forget it! Let them kill you, and we are going to say our prayers and eulogies for you. We will move on from a bad bet to another one until we complete the full circle of murder whose squares, and the wretched coat are generous only with murder. Murder is the coat’s fortune and legacy.


 Yes, naked!

  Against coats!

  Craving to choose freely what we put on!

Syrian Novelist & Poet

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