Allah that I know | Sarah Ali

Issue 1 | 1 Oct 2018

Tomorrow I go to House of God,

Circumbiating the Ka'abah with my pain starting from spirit's black ache

Chanting Allahu Akbar whenever I align with a door leading to me.


In the first six rounds I would pray:

Oh Allah, thou carry masculine tag, so you understand the language of men,

Let the feminine element within my innerself understand the language of men


In the seventh round I would say:

Heavens, I have imagined love pouring on me from another religion, my God

Curse me the way your unrepentant servants are cursed

* * *

I shall invent an eighth round baptising it the departure of ego

Running in the opposite direction and to the dark my right wing holds onto

Whereas my left wing on space of pain hugs to

* * *

Abraham's shrine will move from its place, standing behind me and praying two prayers blessing freedom that emerge from depths

 You are the shrine, and you are shelter, God says

The Angels reply: she is the shrine and shelter

* * *

 God will open a hole in my/his soul, to be a marriage's indication of our blatant souls

 And coming back in a patchy spirit, such as something like "the Chinese membrane"

 A sufficient spirit to let another God fell in illusion.


Saudi Writer

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